Neeley apuró Noticias de estados UNIDOS MBA Ranking

Noticias de estados UNIDOS hoy (4 de abril) tirón de la Universidad Cristiana de Texas del Neeley de la Escuela de Negocios de su más reciente ranking de MBA de tiempo completo de los programas de después de dsicovering que la escuela misreported GMAT de datos.

Neeley originalmente le dijo a Noticias de estados UNIDOS , el promedio de GMAT de la escuela para su última clase entrante de tiempo completo Mba fue de 678 cuando, de hecho, fue de 38 puntos inferior a 640.

La escuela fue proactivo en la notificación de las Noticias de estados UNIDOS poco después de que el 17 de Marzo de liberación del 2019 ranking. Neeley fue clasificado en el puesto 54, un salto de 17 lugares de 71 año anterior. Ahora, las Noticias de estados UNIDOS se ha trasladado a la escuela de la “unranked” de la categoría.

“Cuando estábamos inputing de los datos nos hemos equivocado de número y no lo cogí hasta que después de ver el ranking”, dice David Allen, decano asociado de programas de posgrado en Neeley. “Nue..

GMAT To Be 30 Minutes Shorter

As more students opt for the GRE or take both tests, GMAC has announced it will shorten the duration of the GMAT 30 minutes, reducing the time it takes to complete the test to three and a half hours

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) will soon take less time to complete. The Graduate Management Admission Council, which administers the exam, announced today (April 4) that it will shorten the length of the notoriously arduous test by 30 minutes beginning this month, down to three and a half hours from four. In what is probably no coincidence, the Graduate Record Examinations — the test more B-schools accept every year as a substitute for the GMAT — currently takes three hours and 45 minutes to complete.

Yes, beginning April 16, the GMAT will be 15 minutes shorter than the GRE. Have the test duration wars begun?

“We are always looking for ways to help build candidate confidence and streamline the test experience, all with one goal in mind — to help GMAT test-takers do their ..

Why Your GMAT Matters + 8 Top Prep Tips

I totally get it. For most people, taking the GMAT is about as enjoyable as getting a root canal. Personally, I’m a big fan (of the exam, not dental work), but I’m also a bit biased having spent nine years with GMAC, the entity that administers and develops the GMAT exam. I also admit to taking my first standardized test at 11 years old. Since then I’ve sat for just about every exam under the sun – the SAT, GRE, ACT – even the MCAT and LSAT. So I speak from experience when I say that the GMAT is special. And I think you can learn to love it, too. And if that feels like a stretch, then maybe I can convince you to share an appreciation of its virtues.


For one, the GMAT is distinct among assessments when it comes to the MBA. It’s the only standardized exam created by business schools for MBA admissions. It’s been around for five decades, so there are 50 years of validity studies backing it up. It’s true that no standardized test is a perfect predictor of who will be successful in a..

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